Our Community

We have a big community thats hosts fun games in vc, community is based on chat and chill, You can talk about anything in there and have fun so join the discord


Welcome to Ezscripts, a place where you will find all the scripts and executors you came here for. All scripts and executors are safe and virus free just for you!.


Do you have any complaints or questions? Don't be afraid to ask in our discord server with a bunch of helpers you can dm or ping, you can even ask the owner himself if its serious enough but be reasonable.

Am I safe?

Yes you are 100% safe. The scripts and executors on this website are proven to be safe, you can test by turning on your virus protector.


Our Privacy policy and Terms Of Service

you can find our Privacy policy and Terms Of Service Bellow

How long does a help request take?

Help request will take less then 10 minutes, just join the discord server and request help, or dm.

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